Amy’s Amorous Adventure

In 2013, I got divorced after a year of marriage to a man who ended up not being the one God had planned for me. I moved home with Mother and Daddy for a week or two, then a wonderful little rent house just kind of opened up for me. It was perfect, and I was suddenly in the same neighborhood with a lady I had met my first year teaching at my old school. We became friends, and her family welcomed me with open arms, which was appreciated even more after my unexpected separation. I was a spontaneous fixture at their home and I never felt unwelcome. I can even show up now after not living in that area for nearly a year and never entertain a single doubt that I’m welcome there. It’s a lot like home.

My previous post about Mother and Daddy’s wedding highlights why Robert and Amy chose me to help organize and put together their wedding. Robert decided that since I was obviously willing to do that for my parents, I would be the perfect person to make their day perfect. They asked me to help them make their day magical, and I accepted, naturally, without hesitation.

A year and a day ago, Amy married the wonderful man she loves, and it was my job to “plan and manage” the wedding, as well as take pictures and be the general all-around organizer. It was TONS of fun, and the looks on their faces made it all worth it.

The Kiss WMFist Pump WMDance

I was also in charge of the “naked” cake for the wedding, and while the humidity worked against me for the entirety of the construction, Amy and Robert thought it was delicious. First, we had to test the cake flavors and fillings.


Cake samples

Then we made sure we were all prepared for the big event.


Finally, the big day came, and things came together with care and lots of help from friends.

The crooked tower was really quite good, and the theme–softball–was perfect for the two of them.

Today is Amy’s birthday, and she’s the lovely young age of 42 (I don’t think she’ll mind me saying). She is my sister-friend and I love her and all of her family and wish them the absolute very best.


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