Making Decor and Miracles

The past few months have been filled with interesting developments, new experiences, and more blessings than I could possibly deserve.

I know back in November I swore to post more often, but life catches up with you in the most unusual ways and time passes too swiftly. Being pregnant is draining. Yes, it’s glorious and wonderful and beautiful and a little magical, but it is also constantly EXHAUSTING. Working a full-time-plus job while trying to eat properly, grow a baby, manage my blood pressure, and take care of my normal responsibilities kept me on my toes during the day and on the couch come nap time. I had pregnancy-aggravated hypertension and was on a low sodium diet, had borderline glucose issues so went on a low carb diet, too, and was drinking as much water as possible to keep the swelling down. I was supposed to be taking it easy and keeping my feet up, but I apparently suck at it, so that part didn’t really go as planned. We made it, though. More on that later.

I made a few quilts for my baby girl while my body was busy cooking the bun in my oven. I have to say I am rather pleased with the outcome. The first is her quilt in the same fashion as the one I made for her cousin, with the tag beside it. The second quilt is a project I tackled after receiving a large box of cute but stained clothes that I would never actually dress my child in, that I cut out and turned into a crazy quilt. The final quilt is a rag quilt that just needs a few more washes to reach the ideal frayed state but is cute and uses a color scheme I really love.

As the time of Baby O’s arrival drew closer, I wanted to make a door hanger for her hospital room. I finished it just in time and was satisfied with the final product.

Now, keep in mind I was almost to the finish line at this point, so I was frantically trying to finish everything. Thankfully, I got both hospital gowns finished and washed (from this pattern, though I added a snap rather than a regular button, using a cute black checked fabric with watermelon accents and a purple checked fabric, both with coordinating ribbon), my hospital bag packed, and all of my paperwork in order in the weeks leading up to what ended up being the big day.

Back in February, we had our One-Act competition. I am the Theatre teacher at my school, as well as the academic coordinator for all of UIL, so it’s a busy time during competition season. I am so thankful and proud to say our play this year got 2nd place at district contest, which is a huge improvement over not placing at all last year. It was a HUGE boost for the whole group and I have never been prouder of my students and all of their hard work. It was also a validation of my chosen career path after wondering if I was in the right subject for so long. Below I’ve included a picture of our trophy and script as well as the painting we created for our set. It was a great year for Theatre!

Since my birth story is a bit long, I’ll make a new post with that tale, which will be coming soon. Seriously, I have to write it down before I forget how it all went that day, so look for it shortly! Love to all!


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