Pregnancy Pillow

When my friends and family get pregnant, I start sewing. It’s my contribution to a healthy, happy pregnancy for the ones I love. I’ve made two forays into pregnancy pillow making, and I must say they’ve been pretty successful so far.

Here’s the first one, which I made for Karissa, a dear friend with whom I worked at my old school:


It was a basic “U” shape, and she loved it. I also made her several “Feauxby” wraps that she has yet to try but assures me will work out nicely. I’ll take pictures of the next batch, but here’s the link that’s pretty close to the one I used. I added a piece of fabric sewn at the half-way point (much like a Moby wrap tag) to make a pocket and aid in putting the wrap on correctly. I might taper the ends of the next batch like this one.

The most recent project from Mamma Can Do It was a pregnancy and nursing pillow with a free pattern that comes with an instructional video. Jessica, my seeeester (in-law, but that’s a technicality) who is going to have my darling niece or nephew in late November, needs a pregnancy pillow that is versatile enough for her to make work while she’s in California and I’m in Texas. Here’s what I ended up doing for her:

It has pocket flaps at the top and bottom and an opening to tuck the bottom fabric in to facilitate a nursing pillow or down to just offer leg and back/belly support. The difference between the pattern version and mine is pretty much just that I put hidden zippers in both pillows to add or remove Poly-fil as needed for firmness and I added some embroidered flourishes on my awesome machine (final picture). I sent Jessica a picture of the final pillow and she loved it, so I’ll be shipping it as soon as I get her rice bag done.

I used 100% quilting cotton for the body and Kona cotton for the middle from Hancock Fabrics (which is going out of business next month, sadly), and regular 100% cotton fabric for the pillows. The thread was polyester, but that doesn’t matter much. The only time I find matters when choosing thread is when I’m making rice bags for the microwave. Polyester will melt, so I insist on 100% cotton for those projects. I got a 5# box of Poly-fil and that was just the right amount for the three pillow pieces. Two 7″ hidden zipper, a package of Velcro, and some thread to match and I was in business!

I have an ever-growing list of projects to make for my new baby “n” (for niece or nephew) who doesn’t have a set name since we don’t know a gender. I’m planning blankets, burp rags, rice packs for mama and baby and even daddy, outfits, shoes, and whatever else Pinterest can make seem like a plausible idea. I’m so excited!!! I know the rest of my family is, too. Come on November!!


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