Birthday Time Again

July heralds my most elaborate birthday cake creating, as it is my little one’s birthday month. She turned 10 this year and requested unicorns for her theme, so off we went! Her party was last Sunday, so I’m a week late, but we’ve been busy having a relaxing summer vacation.

I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest, so I decided I would do cookies in addition to cake. I was in for some time-consuming work, but the look on her face was DEFINITELY worth it!

The niece and nephew went supply hunting and came back with some colorful choices for the party, keeping with the rainbow theme, and my wonderful husband searched for HOURS to bring her a rainbow unicorn balloon.

I would say the party was a definite success!!

Back at the apartment, we rearranged her room to include a reading nook where her beanbag chair and a new lamp sit, with her disco ball hanging inside. She was literally speechless, and absolutely loves her new space! I would call that a great 10th birthday!


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